Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Waste

The chemical and waste legislation, both at EU and national levels, sets various requirements for each actor in the supply chain. Your company’s obligations depend on your role in the supply chain.

The most important EU regulations for companies dealing with chemicals are the REACH and CLP regulations. REACH deals with the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of substances, whilst CLP is about substance classification, labelling and packaging.

Our services cover the following:

Substance restrictions

Hazard communication in the supply chain

  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS): compilation, translation, updates
  • Exposure scenarios
  • Safe use of Mixtures Information (SUMI, LCID)
  • Poison Centre Notifications (PCN)
  • National chemical notifications
  • Substances in articles: notification and information duties
  • Hazard classification, notifications (C&L) and labelling

REACH registration

  • Impact assessments: obligations, relevant exemptions
  • Full registrations, joint registrations
  • Information requirements and derogations
  • Chemical Safety Assessments and Reports (CSA, CSR)
  • Declarations of compliance

Training in REACH and CLP obligations

  • Manufacturer/importer of articles and chemicals
  • Distributor, supplier, logistics provider
  • Downstream user
  • Recycler
  • Obligations in the different product phases: waste, End-of-Waste, product, by-product, R&D

Employer obligations for the safe use of chemicals

  • Risk assessments at the workplace
  • Comparisons of exposure scenarios to own operation
  • Communication obligations of the employer
  • Employee groups requiring special attention
  • Guidance and best practices in the safe use of chemicals

Waste transportation

  • Hazard classification of waste
  • Waste transport permits
  • Transboundary movements
  • Notification and movement documents